I miss my Note7!

Oh Samsung you trickster you!  You had me at ‘hello’ as soon as you started teasing me with all the whiz-bang options available on the Note7.  I was in love!  I do not fall in love with technology, but this one got me.

I watched all of the videos.  I read all of the specifications.  Then I used my son’s Note5 and I was done for!  With great anticipation, I pre-ordered this masterful piece of technology and waited for it to be delivered to my home.

I remember the day it arrived.  I couldn’t wait to unwrap that package and put in my new sim.  Yes, it was going to be an effort to move from that lame old LG piece of junk I have been using for the last year, but I was ready!  I had everything backed up.  Samsung includes a migration utility that makes switching my information from one device to another a piece of cake, as long as you are ready to do it.  I was ready to roll.

I spent my evening preparing to use this new marvel of technology and I was thrilled beyond belief at how easy the whole onboarding process was for me.  I had a job interview the very next day, so I was going all in on this little effort.

For the next couple of weeks, I spent my evenings exploring every nook and cranny of my amazing new telecommunications device.  This puppy was FAST!  I love responsive interfaces and configurable spaces.  It didn’t take long before I was thrilled with my new toy and we had become inseparable.

Then it happened!  The first ripples of the recall that would tear me away from my new best friend.   Ultimately, I found myself the owner of a Samsung S7.  Not a bad phone.  Much better than the aforementioned LG, and a whole bunch faster than the Samsung S4 I had reverted to when I had to surrender my beloved Note7.  I guess all is well that ends well and the bright side is I will be allowed on a plane again.



New Cell Phone Time

Making the decision to buy a new cell phone.

Guess this is how I justify the expense.

We need them.  Ours are both over 2 years old and that is a lifetime  in cellular telephone technology. Bonus!   – this time I won’t have to go to remedial ‘gesture’ camp so I don’t crack the screen.   When we upgraded to the HTC EVO Shifts a couple of years ago it was a huge leap.  I had had a Samsung flip phone forever.  (A phone that I adored!)  When we got the EVOs I couldn’t even answer it.  For some reason, I couldn’t figure out how to swipe quick enough to answer!  All of my calls went straight to voicemail for the first month or so.  Finally, I had a member of my team show me.  I had to spend a weekend practicing before I finally got it right.

Now, two years later, I am pretty good at using my phone.  Add to that I have a Kindle Fire and an ipad, I pretty much have the whole gesture thing down.  I am not a huge Apple fan.  I love facetime – but I can do that on my ipad.  The iphone has serious limitations, in my humble opinion.  I don’t like closed systems.  I like the ability to add more memory to store pictures and ‘stuff’.  The Windows phone is not even in contention.  Droid it will be.

For years I was a Samsung loyalist, but the EVO was just too cool for school when we upgraded that fateful day over 2 years ago.  Based on everything I have read and the phones that I have played with, it looks like I will be going back to the Samsung.  The biggest question will be the carrier.  I am fond of the whole new approach that T-Mobile is trying.  It is refreshing to see a carrier break from tradition, especially when it is to the benefit of the customer.  My guess is when I make the jump, I will buy it outright, which means I wouldn’t be tied to them any longer than what I want to be anyway…..can’t believe I am even considering breaking with my long standing carrier and going to what has long been considered to be the number 4 carrier, but I like their style.

Keep an eye on this spot.  When it happens, I will report it here.