Today – Win Column

We had a new team member begin today.  For me, it is always kind of fun to help someone new start.  Maybe I have been in consulting too long.

Why I like to do on-boarding – I am good at it and it is completely measurable.  Value-Add is measurable.

If I can have someone new up and running, self-sufficient at the end of the first week – that is phenomenal!

It is easy when we bring on someone who has been contracting before – they ‘get’ it.

A new hire cannot be expected to do anything if they can’t access the tools – this includes knowing where they sit and ease of building access.  It is possible, although challenging.

It is so pleasant when the new team member remembers how painful on-boarding can be.

This year started out rough.  The first team member on-boarded after the mighty upheaval in organizational processes was more than a little painful.  It was so bad earlier this year that tears were shed.  That shall not happen again, on my watch.  It was a horrendously painful experience for everyone involved.   Save the drama!  My first goal is to eliminate externally caused drama, whenever possible.

A post-dramatic-event-root-cause-analysis identified plenty of process improvement opportunities for future team changes.

Today’s completely successful ‘one and done’ kind of on-board clearly identifies the value of the process improvements implemented.

Getting Closer….

I continue to work toward breaking up with the humongous bank that has held me in their grasp for way too long.  Every week, I am one step closer.

My new bank had the opportunity to show me whether or not my decision to go with them was right.  Last week was the first auto-deposit of my pay check since beginning the transition.  I don’t know where the mistake in numbers came in, but there was an error made.  On Tuesday, I received an email from HR letting me know there was a problem with one of my  numbers.  I shivered in terror as this was one of my greatest fears when embarking on this transition from the old bank to a new one.  I wrote back to HR to see if they had additional information that might help me to resolve the problem.  Long story short, a number for a savings deposit was wrong and I had until 5 pm that day to get it resolved.  Yikes!

One of the challenges I have been encountering with the mega-bank is all of the red-tape to verify my identification.  I understand it, but they have taken it to a whole new level of ridiculousness.  There are times when a human-being needs to be able to complete  a transaction in a timely fashion without all of the red-tape.  Hmmm…come to think of it, this is exactly the final reason why I decided to make the jump in the first place.    This is the opportunity for the new bank to put its money where its mouth is and it is pleasant to report that they made it through this ‘relationship’ test with flying colors!

I checked everything over the past couple of days and the hiccup was just that, a hiccup.  Every step of the transaction has completed successfully!  Good job new bank!  You not only pay attention to the Customer and appear to do a reasonable job of the Management, but you surpassed my expectations in the ‘Relationship’ part of the equation.