What does ‘pokey’ mean?

Essentially, I interviewed for the job I have been doing for the last five years to join the company as a full time employee.  What can I say?  I live in the land of reorganization, so there are always job openings and title changes.  It was communicated to me that they won’t be making me an offer.   At some level, I take that as a compliment, but I am still digesting the feedback.

I know the hiring manager and she was courteous enough to schedule a one-on-one debrief to provide me post-interview feedback.  To her credit, she had a checklist.  I was actually thrilled, hoping to get some constructive criticism that will help me rise to that next level.  We had a brief discussion.  For the record, it has absolutely nothing to do with my skills.  My skills and abilities were seen as stellar.

We had a good conversation and she did provide two specific examples of communications that were negatively interpreted during the entire interview process.  I get where she is coming from and it is probably best that I don’t get an offer, because I don’t think I truly could thrive tied to such a sensitive environment.

The whole application/interview process was disrespectful.  Looking back on this now, all of the scheduling/re-scheduling shenanigans that happened to get this thing on the books was a clear indication they truly were not interested in making me a full-time-employee.  If they were truly interested, they would have gone above and beyond to get it right, but they didn’t.  In the end, it feels like we only went through the exercise in futility so someone could keep their word.

Ultimately, I thanked her for the opportunity to interview and I walked away with a couple of things to think about.  The one item that continues to go over and over in my head was a slice of the direct feedback where I was informed that my relaying of the story about how mis-managed this whole process had been ‘felt a little pokey.’   My head almost exploded!  First, I was shocked at this response to my honest feedback about how the ‘we-want-to-hire-you-candidate’ was awful was not appreciated and second, the only pokey I could think of was from my childhood.





Resume Updating

  • Good reason – I am now a Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
  • Bad reason – I am feeling really, really old….one of my co-workers was using a number of chat-like responses to me in email.  I could easily go off on a rant about the negative effect SMS has had on business communications etiquette and the maturity usage implies about the sender, but I prefer to focus on the end result of this encounter.

I realized I am not up on the latest “net” lingo, but I am familiar with “standard” instant communications lingo, I have a link or two bookmarked to help me out.  When I checked for the acronym tossed my way in the above mentioned encounter, the symbols used are not recognized; so I asked for a definition.  I got one – this specific symbol set is exclusive to this person’s previous employer and has absolutely no translation in this ecosystem.

The ageing part was yet to come.  While researching text messaging shorthand, I tripped over this:

In the old days (circa 1980)

Thus why I feel old…..


Uncovering what is interesting…

Uncovering what is interesting…

It is no secret that we are always networking.  At the store, at the children’s school, at church, everywhere.  It doesn’t hurt to be able to answer the question ‘What is interesting?’  Be it about yourself, your family, your environment.  My philosophy is to be prepared.  I like this approach to being prepared to share what is interesting about myself.