What a day…what a day

Yesterday was stressful enough. Anytime you have to meet a new surgeon and evaluate next steps to fix something you thought was done is annoying. When you have to start over with a new set of specialists, the anxiety level sky rockets. All’s well that ends well, I guess.
Really wish that was the only stress I had to address yesterday, alas, it wasn’t. We learned that my husband’s grandmother passed while we were carrying on with the business of our daily lives yesterday. May she rest in peace.
To be honest, her passing a blessing. She hasn’t truly been herself for years. We would see her every time we were home, but I don’t think she even knew we were there the last few times we visited.
It is painful and sad to watch the vim and vigor slip slowly from a person who has always been vital and energetic. In her latter years, she was blessed to become a Great Grandmother. In many ways, the babies learning to eat paralleled what was happening with Grandma D. There was always a spark of excitement and joy when she would see the babies. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe these babies extended her life by at least a year, if not more.
We will miss Grandma D. There will be hole in the family get-togethers, but she is truly in a better place. In my eyes, Grandma D has not been cognizant for awhile now. She was there, physically, barely. Her daughter dedicated her life to ensuring Grandma D had everything she needed and was well taken care of. The next days will be the first steps of a new reality.

I miss Mike!

A lot of people miss a Mike, but I doubt we are missing the same Mike.
The Mike I am referencing is my dentist who passed away 7 years ago! That wasn’t part of the arrangement when we embarked on this project to fix my mouth forever.
Today, I really needed Mike. He was so good at explaining the technical details and ensuring I understand the ramifications of our discussion. I loved this man!
A few weeks ago I broke one of my implants at the gum level. Not fun. But action must be taken. I went and saw the surgeon today.
Yes, this will be happening. Next steps after that are entirely dependent upon how well I do with the extraction and bone grafting.
If it isn’t one thing it is another.