Updating is hard to do

As more and more of our lives become digital, separating our personal lives from our work lives gets more and more complicated.
For years, I have had multiple subscriptions to various ‘cloud-based applications’. As a consultant, I have a fiduciary responsibility to keep the accounts separate. Fine, I will do that, but the cloud-administration and login tools need to meet me halfway.
The quickest, easiest way to manage the various accounts is via hardware and login-tokens, which is essentially how I administered my stuff for the last 6 years. What I didn’t do was keep the software up-to-date on my personal system. This is killing me!
Adobe is a beast! As most of the time when I needed that software was for work, I only kept it fully updated on my work machine. Fine, that worked. For the rare occasion I needed the suite for personal use, I would just login with my personal account. No harm. No foul. Adobe was getting paid licensing fees for both accounts, I just wasn’t taking the time to update my personal copies.
I am paying for that shortcut, now! It has taken me forever to update my applications!

Bring Back the Welcome Screen

Over the last couple of years, I have been working with and around a bunch of user experience design products.  It has been challenging to ensure the lingo worked for all of the team members.  Trust me when I tell you it can be challenging to communicate what you need to use to the new hires and reporting on the what we deliver to an ever changing audience with moving targets.

Faced with the challenge of constantly updating and assigning projects, I came up with a template idea that could be reused.  Granted, this has taken me awhile to complete the task, but  it isn’t fair to take the Welcome Screen away just as we cross the finish line.