Need a new job!

Breaking up with the bank has been an educational experience.  What I have learned is I am very good at identifying all of the steps and completing them successfully.  I guess my dot connecting skills are expanding to dotting i’s and even crossing t’s.

When we started the process, it seemed completely reasonable to me to set a deadline of less than 60 days to complete the transaction from inception to complete.  What I have learned is that is a ridiculously short timeline that could have been fraught with challenges.

What I did know when we truly started the process was to have all my ducks in a row.  I did the homework.  I knew the evaluation criteria every step of the way.  Yes, I did ask a lot of questions, but nothing I heard came as a complete surprise.  There were bonuses that we tripped over, but I am not stupid enough to think that happens all the time.

What I need now is a new job that will value my expanded skillset and appreciate everything I bring to the table.  It is time.

Thank you

Received a ‘thank you’ note today from the new bank I have chosen to replace the mega-bank I am breaking up with.  It amazes me about how much that little, common courtesy meant to me.  One thing they could have done better?  They could have spelled my first name correctly.  But that is not entirely an uncommon mistake.

File Naming Standards

This is one thing I am very good at establishing.  At the crux of every data element there is a file that contains what you need to know.

This standard is typically defined by the task at hand and who is doing the task.

My goal is always to simplify this traceability to the lowest common denominator.

My personal bias:
People use files and views.
Systems use records.