I Hate Phishing Scams

Dear cybercriminals – stop it now!  You are making life miserable for everyone.

Upon arriving home, I was greeted with 2 voicemails from some bogus number threatening me with legal action if I ignore the phone call.  The words tossed into the sentences didn’t even make sense together, so I know it was a scam.

My husband and I chatted briefly about him receiving a call on his cell phone supposedly from Microsoft to talk to him about a virus on his computer.  Really?  Give me a break!

Ironically? About a half an hour later we got a call on our home phone with the same spiel.

I am at a crossroads!!

Recently we replaced our roof and our skylights. Hallelujah! I had no idea what a difference this would make to my life.
Given that little win and other happenings in my life, I am at a crossroads.

Inspired by how successful the minor improvement made my life, I am evaluating updating my master bath and my kitchen.

So I have been looking, salivating, dreaming and pricing the changes that I want to make to my home.
My goodness! The things one could do with an unlimited budget and a deep-rooted belief this is where you should be for the rest of your life!

There is my crossroad. Invest in this house, or merely buy a new one in the place I really want to be.
To make that decision, requires investigation and evaluation.

In order to make such decisions, I need to understand what is important.
As a homeowner and dreamer, I am familiar with the research tools that Zillow has to offer, but realized today that I have absolutely no clue what about 90% of the data available on their site really means for me.

I am getting closer to defining my constraints to help me narrow my relevant results, but there is so much more to know!

Today’s learning: What is Construction Quality and should I care?

Contact Center Future….

“The success of Trupanion’s omni-channel capabilities is a clear sign of where the contact center industry is headed. Companies creating customer obsession cultures and placing the consumers’ experience above everything else will give them a competitive advantage. Delivering truly remarkable experiences will keep their customers loyal and win the hearts and the wallets of today’s consumer.”
The Way to A Customer’s Heart is Through Obsession [CASE STUDY] by Chris Koziol, President & GM, Interaction Management on April 22nd, 2014 Originally published April 17, 2014 on Business2Community by Chris Koziol App-crazy consumers are very adept at managing several communication modes at one time. Whether it’s on the web or on the phone, texting or talking, people today are immersed in data and have grown to expect immediate, always-on access to these channels for gathering, sharing, and ver…

Today – Win Column

We had a new team member begin today.  For me, it is always kind of fun to help someone new start.  Maybe I have been in consulting too long.

Why I like to do on-boarding – I am good at it and it is completely measurable.  Value-Add is measurable.

If I can have someone new up and running, self-sufficient at the end of the first week – that is phenomenal!

It is easy when we bring on someone who has been contracting before – they ‘get’ it.

A new hire cannot be expected to do anything if they can’t access the tools – this includes knowing where they sit and ease of building access.  It is possible, although challenging.

It is so pleasant when the new team member remembers how painful on-boarding can be.

This year started out rough.  The first team member on-boarded after the mighty upheaval in organizational processes was more than a little painful.  It was so bad earlier this year that tears were shed.  That shall not happen again, on my watch.  It was a horrendously painful experience for everyone involved.   Save the drama!  My first goal is to eliminate externally caused drama, whenever possible.

A post-dramatic-event-root-cause-analysis identified plenty of process improvement opportunities for future team changes.

Today’s completely successful ‘one and done’ kind of on-board clearly identifies the value of the process improvements implemented.

Monitor Shopping

I didn’t know I needed to be monitor shopping, but I am.  I am very happy to announce I know the difference between a CRT and LCD/LED.  Thank you very much.  The last time I thought about this topic, that was the primary decision point.  

Here’s the plus – I know how to value the purchase.   Merchandisers these days do a pretty good job of clearly identifying what is in the box.  So, I need to know more than just making the purchase.  I need to know what will make it useful.  The Purpose for my purchase.  

I was always one of those moms that made sure every, single toy my children received had what was needed to make it useful. Sometimes they had to install the batteries themselves but they got the batteries too.  

So if I buy a new monitor, I will make sure I have all of the necessary cables to make it useful.  So tonight, I am spending my evening reading boxes.  Oh joy!  

Resume Updating

  • Good reason – I am now a Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
  • Bad reason – I am feeling really, really old….one of my co-workers was using a number of chat-like responses to me in email.  I could easily go off on a rant about the negative effect SMS has had on business communications etiquette and the maturity usage implies about the sender, but I prefer to focus on the end result of this encounter.

I realized I am not up on the latest “net” lingo, but I am familiar with “standard” instant communications lingo, I have a link or two bookmarked to help me out.  When I checked for the acronym tossed my way in the above mentioned encounter, the symbols used are not recognized; so I asked for a definition.  I got one – this specific symbol set is exclusive to this person’s previous employer and has absolutely no translation in this ecosystem.

The ageing part was yet to come.  While researching text messaging shorthand, I tripped over this:

In the old days (circa 1980)

Thus why I feel old…..