Job Search dots – week end June 10, 2017

This has truly been a busy week. I have so much homework to do, I don’t think I will ever get it done!


Thursday, June 8 – Phone Interview – rambling thoughts follow

Date: (Tomorrow, June 8th)
Time: (10:30am PST)
Contact Number: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

So I have been taking a lot of interviewing and packaging yourself classes.
I am currently collecting unemployment, so I am trying to take advantage of the resources available to me. These are my tax dollars at work!

The day before this interview, I went to the WorkSource training about LinkedIn usage. Good class. Ping me if you want more information.

I love the enthusiasm of the folks who lead the WorkSource training programs. Everyone there wants to help you succeed. Awesome sauce support and resources when you need them the most.

Downside is, not everyone has been trained in the latest best practices.

I went into this interview prepared. I had my own list of questions, that I never was allowed to actually ask. This was my attempt at framing the interview so we could establish a meeting of the minds.
It was absolutely impossible to do the first step everyone, everywhere tells you to do. [Frame your history to match the job description.]

There is no experiential job description. There is an awful lot of paperwork to get this request pushed through the bean counters, but the working assumption is the hiring manager knows what it takes to succeed at this job.

After pressuring the recruiter for information before I pursued any further, they were finally able to provide me the following list:

Scrum Master
6+ month contract
looking to hire a seasoned Scrum Master.
They are looking for a resource that has an agile background.
They will be working on a few workflows.
Unable to provide too much detail on the workflows they are covering because projects change so quickly.
Focused on finding someone that can go with the flow and take on many different types of workflows as needed.
One workflow example is: compliant and appeals
Scrum meetings: this resource will be structuring these. Expects to see someone that is accustomed to this.
They will be working with an agile team and they have a product owner.
Will be working with 1-2 scrum teams

This is something I could do.
Now, do I want to?
Drive that far north? Really? I hate traffic. We have lots!!
It is actually outside of my target area. Talk me into it.
Is it interesting work? I don’t know, thought I would ask questions.
Are we able to develop a connection over the phone?

I guess, maybe part of me was expecting him to attempt to entice me to take a job at his organization.