Have to remember – update!

I get so busy, I frequently forget to update!
What can I say? Focusing on the here and now has become my action plan of late. This week isn’t looking rosy for a lot of update time, either.
We are moving. It will be happening. We don’t have the final when.
I need a job. Money is tight and that doesn’t make me happy.
I need a job. I don’t want all of my skills to get stale, plus it helps solve the above-listed item.
I am having surgery this week. That will slow down the progress on all fronts. It isn’t awful surgery and I have been here before, but it is really annoying that I have to do it.
I have to get in the wedding-mindset. I have a child getting married in a matter of months! I really need to get my head around that one.
Yep – I need to update more often.

My Dancing Thoughts

Man oh man that is a random title. Fits with everything that is dancing through my head.

All of us have been exposed to dancing throughout our lives, but understanding what each of us likes about dancing is as unique as a blade of grass. Let’s be honest, save for the artistes who are ‘called to dance’ no one wakes up one day and randomly decides to start dancing. We do it for a reason. When someone tells me they are signing up for a dance class, I am interested in why.

You heard a song and feel the need to express it.
You want to do a mother/son, father/daughter dance at some milestone event in your near future.
You want to feel better – dancing is physical exercise, don’t let anyone tell you anything different.
For me, it was a career move. I needed to ‘know how to participate in corporate events’.
For you, it could be any number of reasons.

Where to start? This really doesn’t matter, as long as you start. After you have started you can dig a little deeper into what you want from the time you spend pursuing your dancing experience.

What kind of music do you like? Have you picked your song yet?
Once you know you like the song, dig a little deeper and listen to the mechanics. Understanding the theory behind the melody is half the battle. Once you know the beat and the style, you can choose the dance you want to master.

In this day and age of online training and/or performance videos it is rather easy to review what it is you really want to do. In the olden days, we had to visit the gym or studio before we chose a ‘dance package’.
We were forced to experience the product before we purchased something. It gave us the opportunity to ask the questions that were truly relevant to our decision.


Monitor Shopping

I didn’t know I needed to be monitor shopping, but I am.  I am very happy to announce I know the difference between a CRT and LCD/LED.  Thank you very much.  The last time I thought about this topic, that was the primary decision point.  

Here’s the plus – I know how to value the purchase.   Merchandisers these days do a pretty good job of clearly identifying what is in the box.  So, I need to know more than just making the purchase.  I need to know what will make it useful.  The Purpose for my purchase.  

I was always one of those moms that made sure every, single toy my children received had what was needed to make it useful. Sometimes they had to install the batteries themselves but they got the batteries too.  

So if I buy a new monitor, I will make sure I have all of the necessary cables to make it useful.  So tonight, I am spending my evening reading boxes.  Oh joy!  


This is one of my better skills. I listen to what is going on and figure out what the correct next question is to help get us one step closer to a solution. Tonight I figured out why I am good at this.
During our evening call tonight, my mother had me panicked about a power outage and their deep freeze going out. It was a rather eventful day for her and she was still shaken.
If I had stopped listening at her description, I would be panicked and looking to buy tickets home.
Fortunately, my father was there. Repeating the information Mom had shared back to Dad, I was able to ascertain that someone left the door open on the deep freeze which led to a mess and Dad had turned off the power so he could fix it.
It took me awhile to get from ‘the sky is falling’ to reality, but I blessed to have that opportunity.
Thanks Mom for teaching me the listening skills.
Thanks Dad for teaching me the translations.