Blame it all on my roots

This little march down memory lane has been refreshing. I have remembered a few things I had forgotten.

  1. I like using song lyrics as section headers – this started with my grad school papers eons ago.
  2. I have been in iterative design and development for a long, long time – kind of nice to find more legacy artifacts.
  3. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Oh my goodness these are spread throughout my hard drive.
  4. A lot of things changed during my tenure at my latest gig. It is more than a little unsettling to put it all together.
  5. I think in dates. Give me a date and possibly an experience or question and I can tell you everything I was doing that day. This is scary!


Cleaning the hard drive

A couple of months ago I noticed that the performance on my personal laptop was not awesome. Deep in my soul resides a latent hardware geek who is always interested in getting the best performance possible out of the systems at hand.
I checked all of the basic things to see if there was some random service that was consuming all of the systems resources.
Overall, my system is rather healthy. My cpu is barely being used 25% of the time.
My memory is below 30% used.
My bottleneck is the hard-drive.
I need to upgrade to solid state drives, but that is a wee bit cost prohibitive, so I am tuning. Joy of joys!

Something new is never a benefit until you use it…..

In the past week I have finally appreciated what I actually do!  I enable people to do stuff with what they already have!   I am not an early adopter, I am a laggard!

When I started in this business, bluetooth was prohibitively expensive, so I was never going to need it.  WRONG!  Bluetooth is everywhere now.  It is becoming as common as electricity, so I better know how to use it, regardless of my location.   (I could so insert a rant on the topic of our abuse of terminology, but I will resist.)

Here’s where I made the connection.  I bought a new car, my last one was old enough to be on the cusp of the wireless enablement revolution, I didn’t even have a port.  I am cheap and take good care of my things, so there was no need to do anything.   If I had to do it, I found inexpensive workarounds, and it got done.

T-Mobile is my cell phone provider and they have been giving me more stuff all the time, I just didn’t need it — yet.  I didn’t understand the appeal of some of the benefits of these programs that keep getting added to my account.  I am getting a better understanding for the value of these things.

I called the only person I knew who actually used these services I am setting up in my new car as I was excited to get her thoughts on the satellite radio.  I told how awesome it was for the car salesman to show me how to navigate to the menus on the user interface, but it was unsettling when we finally popped up my Pandora login displaying my playlists:   one Billy Joel soundtrack and the rest children’s songs.  I guess I only listen to music with my grandchildren.

We both laughed.  She warned me to keep track of my data usage as Pandora will use your wireless data plan to deliver the signal.  Then she reminded me, I don’t have to worry about that because I am on T-Mobile. I finally got it!







Wonder if…

Windows 10 upgrade hosed my mail on my android device?

This morning, randomly I could no longer retrieve email from my phone.  Not a happy camper.  I have an amazing husband.  He took my device after I whined something about lugging a boat anchor around.

Through his dedication to solving the problem – it took hours – he got it fixed.  It just hit me, I wonder if the ‘known issue/unknown resolution’ hiccup we encountered is related to the Windows 10 upgrade I just did?  Hmmmm


I signed up to produce ‘TPS Reports’ – really

I was recruited.  Actively pursued to take on the responsibility to deliver the onboarding factory for this communications company.

They needed me.  I needed them.  The timing was right, the environment was wrong.

There was a team in place, they needed some organization and leadership.  As a team, we were able to clear the backed-up pipeline in less than ninety days.

What we didn’t know is that we were picking up the wreckage from the previous attempts.  We wound up dissecting the processes and redesigning the delivery directly to the architect of the nightmare, the creator of the out-of-control-pipeline.  This taught me to ask a few more questions before jumping in with both feet.  Test the waters.  Do your homework.  Unless this is a greenfield project there are people attached and somewhere someone is connected to this chaos. Be careful.

This happened so long ago that it is truly a distant memory but the emotions that came running back when I started thinking about what happened were disconcerting.

I really think it is those damages that led me to stay in my next position so long.  Far beyond the expiration date for the role, so it is time to be moving on.

This is the place where I literally produced TPS Reports.  I tried to make jokes about ‘flair’ and ‘red swingline staplers’ but my humor was lost on my fellow cube dwellers.

What does this checkbox mean?

I get to the bottom of the form and see this checkbox.


Did I just create a new ‘Customer Record‘ on my account OR did I just update all of my account information with the form information I just submitted OR yet some other nefarious scenario I haven’t considered?

So frustrating.  Advice to small business ecommerce sites, eliminating confusing interactions will really help reduce the abandon rates and improve the completed transactions.