That didn’t go so well…

Debrief, retrospective, whatever, this post is a follow-up to yesterday’s interview.
It happened. It didn’t go so well.
It is always a good exercise to interview, when you have the opportunity.

To be fair, I am not sure I really wanted that job. I did my homework. I knew a lot about the interviewer before this was even scheduled. Remember that the IT world is actually very, very small. A little tidbit to tuck away for future reference the next time you really want to tell your employer to ‘take this job and shove it‘.

I have a tendency to be verbose. I knew the interviewer prefers straight, direct, concise answers. Fine. I know how to edit myself, too, when needed.
I went into this interview with a freaking checklist of questions for him. That is how this whole thing works.
You – Mr. Interviewer are looking for something.
I – Ms. Interviewee have reviewed the information and believe I have something to offer.
Assumption: the fact we are even having this conversation assumes some level of interest on both sides of the equation.

This encounter was established by this erroneous assumption about Mr. Interviewer who knew what he was looking for and I (Ms. Interviewee) had enough of his checklist to fit the bill. I went in not really caring too much about getting the job. It really didn’t fit my minimum criterium. I do not know why we wasted our time. It was evident from the onset of our conversation that this gentleman was not really interested in learning about me and what problems I could solve for him. If I had been more perceptive, I would have picked up on this situation sooner.

It wasn’t really the questions, so much as the lack of information exchange that made this whole thing very awkward. No one will ever accuse this interviewer of being ‘warm and fuzzy’ and probably the reason he likes concise is because he is one of those managers who has been doing the same thing for so long, he can’t see outside of his ‘checklist’.

I know I upset him when I changed the pace and tenor of the conversation. He made it absolutely clear that he would be leading this discussion, thank you very much. I knew right then and there that I was done. But it was really good experience.

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