Resume research – Avaya

I am hitting it out of the ballpark with my selection of companies. Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year. Oh goody!

All of this is a little heart-breaking, but it tells my story.

At the turn of the century, I was plodding along, designing and developing the foundational core that would become the backbone of telecommunications capabilities. We were designing how all of these disparate things would communicate so we could get to the next ‘hop’ essentially.

I was the geek who could put all of the pieces together. Better yet, I was the geek with an MBA who could do math. I was in hog heaven when Lucent Corporation came knocking on my door. In my last century business model, I had it made. I had achieved a job at one of the most trusted names in telecommunications, to-date.

I remember starting this century thrilled to be alive. I was on my way. I had found long term stability. Fast forward six months. We were just moving into our first house. BAM! mandatory video-conference. In those days to have a video conference required a special room, special equipment, special infrastructure, so there was no ‘taking it from home’ option. Lucent announces they are spinning off the network engineering group into its own company – Avaya. Yop, we were on the roller coaster for a jolly good ride.

My peace was shattered. Within months, all of that joy I had to be doing the kind of work I liked to do, in a place where I felt appreciated evaporated.

So I guess that kind of gives my resume a theme – bookends!

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