Tough day

Worst part about having to do an update to the resume and job search? Reviewing everything you have done over the last period of time since the last update.

Started researching opportunities nearer to me than I have been looking. It is no secret I want to relocate away from here, but my dream landing spot is very specific. Kind of minimizes the possibilities. Given the recent turn of events, I am spreading a broader net.

Driving around today, I saw a cool building so I took note of the name on the place. Tonight they showed up in one of my job opening alerts. I think they are a new type of contracting agency.

No planning for you…

Good news is, I need not worry about the challenges around planning as I was informed yesterday that my last day will be next Friday.

Bad news is, now I MUST find a new job and quickly, if at all possible. My husband has a job, but he doesn’t get paid very well. I have stuck around, longer than I should have because the pay was fair. I am not over-paid by any means, but the commute wasn’t awful and I really did care for the team I had been instrumental in building over the last 6 years. We were finally doing things and I was enjoying my role, for the most part again, but all good things must come to an end.

Callout to anyone who might know of any positions for a Scrum Master in the greater Seattle area – preferably on the east side.