This week has been one for the books. I am totally overwhelmed, mentally, emotionally, physically. Hard to admit how much all of this has taken out of me.

If I didn’t already need to find a new job, events this week have assured me it is time to do something. First thing I read on Monday morning was a note from my company’s CEO that the company I work for was filing for bankruptcy. Really doesn’t do a lot to motivate someone to keep on keeping on when you know that the company you have worked for for so long has mis-managed themselves into bankruptcy! Kind of set the mood for the week.

The company has done their best to assure us that we will get paid, but it still is unsettling and very uncomfortable. In addition to my tasks for the client, I had to find time to meet with my account manager, who has been in that role for less than two months, poor guy.

That would be enough to put a damper on the week, but at least I do still have a job that I will get paid for for the immediate future, but the job isn’t that great anyway. To be honest, I have stuck it out because it does pay decently and ever since my husband was RIF’d a couple of years ago from his career-length job – over 17 years with the same company – I have been the bread winner for our family.

I am finally doing what I was originally hired to do low those many years ago, but it isn’t that easy to get people to change the ways they do things after they have been doing them the other way for so long. I got yelled at this week by one of the team members. The word I would really like to use is screamed. I get that she is frustrated with everything going on around her, but I am not your punching bag.

She and I have history. First, when she joined the team, she was in the building, hadn’t even completed her onboarding, before she was asking for a change of roles. I don’t get that behavior. You were hired to do ‘x’. You haven’t even mastered ‘x’; you haven’t mastered logging in, yet you want to start doing ‘y’? That behavior is a screaming red flag to me. She has no intentions of being a team player. She is merely here to siphon off knowledge and she is out the door.

That was her first week. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Fast forward a few months. We needed her to do the job – either one or a combination of both would be fine – but do something valuable for the team. A swing and a miss. Not only was she not delivering on the tasks for role ‘y’ that she begged to do, she quit doing the tasks for role ‘x’ that she was originally hired to perform, and she is still having difficulties with the basic tools to master logging in. Red flag number two.

Fast forward to now. She is overwhelmed with the work she is assigned to deliver! Don’t blame her, it isn’t fair! She is not prepared. It happens. Take it out on me? Unacceptable. Third red flag. I am done.

Guess what? We are all overwhelmed. We all have pressure to deliver. I am the one who has been encouraging you to get your voice, but that stops here!


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