This is what I want to do

  • Build a cohesive cross-functional Agile team and establish a working agreement that the team is passionate about. You know what it means to win as a team or lose as a team.
  • Lead all aspects of our Scrum Ceremonies including sizing, stand ups, grooming, retrospectives, demos and other Scrum-related meeting.
  • Partner with Product and Program Managers to prioritize roadmap features in our product backlog.
  • Drive transparency in to the Scrum team’s capabilities through burn down charts and velocity.
  • Identify impediments and blockers and actively work to help the team remove them.
  • Use retrospectives to continually iterate and improve team velocity.
  • Create clarity where ambiguity exists and help make the team successful by creating well groomed stories.
  • Provide an open style of communication to foster the flow of ideas and build alignment with the team and other teams.
  • Develop strong relationships with cross-functional members of different MHE departments by collaborating to find creative solutions to technology, product, and organizational challenges
  • Champion Agile methodologies throughout the development process.


There are things that have to be in place in order to successfully perform those tasks.  You need management participation and buy-in.

Actually, I am rather proud of how far we have come in such a short time. Now if only I could educate.


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