What a day

Last thing I did yesterday was escalate a serious risk to our delivery. Essentially got blown off. Felt like I was inconveniencing everyone.  Whatevs.

Today, I took a new approach. I just want to get shit done. Everyone else can figure out the other shenanigans later.  NMJ – Not My Job.

I crafted an email to the parties I deemed appropriately empowered to resolve my issue. The people who booted me last week that created this chaos, my boss, my Product Owner. Still haven’t heard a solution.

I would just like to voice my opinion that this whole process should have been avoided. I don’t care how we got here. I care that we don’t do it again, okay?

Today I succinctly requested help with obtaining space for us to do our jobs. This is Agile/Scrum Master enablement 101. You told me we would be doing ‘x’, that means you must enable us. We promise to get by with the barest basics, but we need those.

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