Basic necessities please!

One of the primary roles of a Scrum Master is to establish a repeatable cadence for the team to complete their activities.  We can’t increase velocity if we are always having to wander around like nomads, trying to find a place to meet.

It really is time for me to find a new job.  To me, this is the writing on the wall:  you don’t get basic, common courtesy.  If I schedule a room, well in advance, using the accepted reservation tool, I should have at least the hope of being able to do my activities.

Scheduling is an art. I get that.  You have to consider all the people, the personalities, the goals, the space, the timing. It is tough enough to be able to schedule a meeting once, but to have to re-schedule not twice, but now three times in the last ten days is absolutely ridiculous!  It is complete absurdity.

I don’t think anyone cares about what we are doing.  They like us, but they don’t know where we belong.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be spending so damn much time replanning every, single week.

Dude – we get no respect and that ain’t fair!!

Right now, in this environment, I have been set up to fail.  I think I need to bail!!


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