Face plant

I am finally getting to do what I was originally hired to do and thought I was doing well. Nope.  The delicate flowers that are members of the two scrum teams we just merged back into one are whining.

The task I was given one week ago yesterday was to combine two different scrum teams into one. I applaud this decision as it will make life easier for everyone, in my opinion.  The big but is that means combining behaviors and methods. With that in mind, I began sharing what I knew about each team with the other, and vice versa.  My bad.  I forgot the maturity level of the folks involved and the massive lack of professionalism I was facing.  Silly me, I treated everyone like they were an adult and was attempting to embrace one of sound tenets of Agile – transparency.

This was interpreted completely wrong and some members were offended and saw what I was trying to do as comparing the two teams, when all I was trying to do was increase awareness of the differences between how the teams did the same activities.  The end goal was to create a consolidated team to deliver the product.

What this tells me is that it is time to move on. What I really want is an opportunity to work as a Scrum Master with a group of adults.  Time to update the old resume and start responding to recruiters.


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