One of the core tenets of Agile is the development and empowerment of self-managed teams. Self-managing is flipping the script on anyone who has spent any time in the workforce. People are used to being told what to do, they just have to do it. If they don’t finish it, they are happy to list all of the reasons why.  [I think of this as the ‘blame game’.]

What I am really asking people to do is understand their abilities and limitations; be responsible for managing your own time.  Commit to your team and manage yourself accordingly!

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” —Thomas Edison

The time the self-managed team agrees to spend on a specific set of stories is the team agreeing to invest their capital to deliver value.

If you aren’t able to deliver everything, this time, let’s do better next time.  Cool?

My newest challenge is helping my teams to learn good habits to help them succeed at doing the ‘mundane’ actions. If I can find a way to minimize the cognitive overhead for team members to become productive, I will have achieved my goal and consider my effort a success! Next step for me – provide no-brainer checklists – target a specific audience.

I am going to build solid habits as the foundation for maturity!

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