What do we need?

You know what I hate about most corporate initiative strategies?  They tend to create an incredibly generic cookie cutter approach to onboarding.

This is the next entry in the continuing saga known as the ‘Tale of 2 Teams’.

So here we are.  Everyone involved in this reincarnation has been inundated with the process change training.  Everyone has gone to exactly the same courses and had the same opportunities for more.

What is becoming obvious is the disparity of retention.

Team 1 gets it.  Communication is awesome.  There isn’t any fear about trying something new.  It works.  All I have to do is provide the bumpers.

Team 2 – not so much.  Communications channels are stunted.  There are a lot of opportunities for improvement.

Maybe the best approach to decrypting this puzzle is to ‘coach’ a little more.

Why can’t I build an ‘action-plan’ checklist for success as the team matures?

I am provided with an amazing opportunity to check my onboarding skills!


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