First iteration – concluded

This is a continuation of my saga about two sprint teams and our progress.

As part of closing out a sprint, a good scrum master does some accounting and reconciliation.  The quality of the reports depends upon a number of things, most importantly how accurately we are using the tools leadership has chosen for us.

When I did the reports for each team, it clearly identifies the disparity between the two teams.  One had more maturity in the agile processes before embarking on this adventure.  We knew that going in.  Many of the team members on team 1 had experience working in an agile structure.  Most of the team members on team 2 were green.  It is a success that they are even updating their information in the tool that is new to them.

I like to see this whole sprint as a success.  We started.  We had learnings.  We have identified plenty of opportunities for improvement.

Years ago in graduate school we were talking about the challenges that leaders in the 21st century would be facing.  I remember many of the discussions fondly as this was the era of acknowledging the impact that the emergent technologies would change businesses forever.  It was easy to quickly resolve that Y2K would impact us all, but we frequently brushed off the impact of changing organizational structures coupled with technology would have.  Today it is interesting to revisit some of those articles and use some of those skills that we talked about.  For me, I am using them daily.

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