Something new is never a benefit until you use it…..

In the past week I have finally appreciated what I actually do!  I enable people to do stuff with what they already have!   I am not an early adopter, I am a laggard!

When I started in this business, bluetooth was prohibitively expensive, so I was never going to need it.  WRONG!  Bluetooth is everywhere now.  It is becoming as common as electricity, so I better know how to use it, regardless of my location.   (I could so insert a rant on the topic of our abuse of terminology, but I will resist.)

Here’s where I made the connection.  I bought a new car, my last one was old enough to be on the cusp of the wireless enablement revolution, I didn’t even have a port.  I am cheap and take good care of my things, so there was no need to do anything.   If I had to do it, I found inexpensive workarounds, and it got done.

T-Mobile is my cell phone provider and they have been giving me more stuff all the time, I just didn’t need it — yet.  I didn’t understand the appeal of some of the benefits of these programs that keep getting added to my account.  I am getting a better understanding for the value of these things.

I called the only person I knew who actually used these services I am setting up in my new car as I was excited to get her thoughts on the satellite radio.  I told how awesome it was for the car salesman to show me how to navigate to the menus on the user interface, but it was unsettling when we finally popped up my Pandora login displaying my playlists:   one Billy Joel soundtrack and the rest children’s songs.  I guess I only listen to music with my grandchildren.

We both laughed.  She warned me to keep track of my data usage as Pandora will use your wireless data plan to deliver the signal.  Then she reminded me, I don’t have to worry about that because I am on T-Mobile. I finally got it!







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