Perception: no longer a fair deal!

I had the worst 1:1 I have had in my entire career last week.  I am not really sure the fallout is over.  We have been having issues.  This has been ongoing for quite awhile.

This little encounter has helped me understand why I am being so picky about my next move.  I am really efficient, effective, and courteous.  That last one gets me into trouble, because I always consider courtesy to be a given; big mistake.

There is a huge gap in our communications styles. But at least I understand why I am looking so hard for a position working with professionals.  If I were truly working with courteous individuals, I wouldn’t really have to explain why interfering with the communications between an agenda’ed presenter and the facilitator is disrespectful and creates confusion.   That wasn’t very thoughtful, let alone discourteous.

In the past, I was measured by a different measuring stick, so I would do the work it took to get the job done on time and we would work out a ‘fair’ treatment.   This relationship worked a lot better for me as it encouraged me to do the job right, at the right time.  I could de-prioritize the hygienic/sustainment tasks until we had some down time.    This allowed me to keep my hours steady.  I always had something to do in the lull.

My situation changed, as expected with all of the moving and shaking going on at the client.  Now the focus is not on doing the right thing at the right time as it is on accounting for every minute you are billing.  The things that matter are different.  We are in total ‘cover-your-ass’ mode, it blows my mind!

Writing this little note has really helped me understand what is going on.  The forces in my situation have changed my perception of the situation is no longer a ‘fair deal’.

One of 2 things is happening here:

  • The immaturity of my indirect leadership is so weak they don’t understand what to do.

  • The immaturity of my  indirect leadership is so evil they know exactly what they are doing.




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