Vision statement stab

In addition to my epiphany this week that it is time to go, I was assigned the task of bringing on a variety of new folks to my current teams.

What can I say?  I am passionate about all the “X’s” – User eXperience, Customer eXperience, Employee eXperience.  A person is at least one of these roles in every transaction.   Each X is on a journey and mapping that journey is greatly influenced by how the whole thing started.  Personally, that accurate map requires we begin with a purpose statement that includes a stated vision for the activity.  Today I am focusing on the Employee – welcoming him to the team and explaining what we really do in all of these activities he will soon be performing.

Our team seeks to design and deliver above and beyond the ‘heuristic solution’.  We look for the appropriate solution rather than defaulting to the collectively adopted rote, safe solution to every problem.   We strive to deliver experiences that meet the brand, identify and meet the users’ greater goals, and differentiate the solution from the other options available.



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