2015 – I am healthier

So it is that amazing time of year where everyone starts to look back on the year that has passed and evaluates.  It is inevitable.  If you don’t, you should.

This year, I set some goals for myself.  I didn’t publish them, against all of the evidence provided by the experts telling me this is the best way to make them accountable.

I am proud to say that I more than surpassed my expectations in the most important goal I set for myself – to be healthier.  I am proud to say I am.

This one is really easy to identify.  I was so overweight and out of shape that I couldn’t do things I wanted to do.  Now I can and it is easy to see the progress if you haven’t seen me in awhile.  Will I now be ‘checking the completed box’?  No.  This goal is a lifestyle change that must become a habit, so it will never be checked off completely.  All I can do is measure the progress and I am okay with that.

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