Indexing my thoughts…..

Something happened today that took me back to one of my earliest memories of social conditions.  A random connection was made to the Kent State Incident.  I was insulted.   In this day and age, of political correctness for everyone else, that no one was ‘sensitive’ enough to respect my generation’s experiences just galled me!

While working through my emotional response, I evaluated why this event was so alive in my memory.  For me, memories store deeper if I can attach a song or some musical reference.  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Ohio is perfect.  It is so easy to review the reports in my minds’ eye.  Instantly, I am transported back to that space and time.

Years later when I heard Joe Walsh, one of the things that caught my attention was the fact he attended Kent State.  This is my favorite Joe Walsh biography.

These 2 rather disparate factoids reflect the indices that live in my brain.



I Hate Phishing Scams

Dear cybercriminals – stop it now!  You are making life miserable for everyone.

Upon arriving home, I was greeted with 2 voicemails from some bogus number threatening me with legal action if I ignore the phone call.  The words tossed into the sentences didn’t even make sense together, so I know it was a scam.

My husband and I chatted briefly about him receiving a call on his cell phone supposedly from Microsoft to talk to him about a virus on his computer.  Really?  Give me a break!

Ironically? About a half an hour later we got a call on our home phone with the same spiel.