Dear team member –

If you are hired as a professional in the high-tech industry working in an office environment, it is fair to assume you know how to do a few basic things:

1. Submit time-sheets/time-cards. – You know how you get paid.

  • This one is so basic. Every time you do a job, you have to tell someone what they are paying you to do. If you are hourly, you have to submit a time-sheet/time-card.
  • When you show up to do your shift, you clock in.  When you leave at the end of your shift, you clock out.
  • At the end of the time period, someone collects the time data and submits for payment.
  • This is pretty basic for anyone who has ever worked anywhere.
  • As someone who wants to be paid, you know how to do this task.

2. Check your email. – You understand communications.

  • Enterprise email systems can be a little bit different than your internet service provider’s email account.
  • Know your persona.
  • Know who you are, where you are, when you are, and what you are trying to do.
  • The answer to everyone of the above questions should become rote memory at the end of the first week.

3. Execute your resume. – Do your job.

  • Everyone boasts about their abilities on their resume.
  • I know I glance at the listings and make general assumptions about basic capabilities.
  • I am allowed to make assumptions about your abilities and capabilities by the fact you have made it this far through the reviewal process.
  • I am allowed to assume you know basics and if you are provided with the information locations, you can apply some of the knowledge you espoused on the resume submitted.


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