Resume Updating

  • Good reason – I am now a Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
  • Bad reason – I am feeling really, really old….one of my co-workers was using a number of chat-like responses to me in email.  I could easily go off on a rant about the negative effect SMS has had on business communications etiquette and the maturity usage implies about the sender, but I prefer to focus on the end result of this encounter.

I realized I am not up on the latest “net” lingo, but I am familiar with “standard” instant communications lingo, I have a link or two bookmarked to help me out.  When I checked for the acronym tossed my way in the above mentioned encounter, the symbols used are not recognized; so I asked for a definition.  I got one – this specific symbol set is exclusive to this person’s previous employer and has absolutely no translation in this ecosystem.

The ageing part was yet to come.  While researching text messaging shorthand, I tripped over this:

In the old days (circa 1980)

Thus why I feel old…..



Dear team member –

If you are hired as a professional in the high-tech industry working in an office environment, it is fair to assume you know how to do a few basic things:

1. Submit time-sheets/time-cards. – You know how you get paid.

  • This one is so basic. Every time you do a job, you have to tell someone what they are paying you to do. If you are hourly, you have to submit a time-sheet/time-card.
  • When you show up to do your shift, you clock in.  When you leave at the end of your shift, you clock out.
  • At the end of the time period, someone collects the time data and submits for payment.
  • This is pretty basic for anyone who has ever worked anywhere.
  • As someone who wants to be paid, you know how to do this task.

2. Check your email. – You understand communications.

  • Enterprise email systems can be a little bit different than your internet service provider’s email account.
  • Know your persona.
  • Know who you are, where you are, when you are, and what you are trying to do.
  • The answer to everyone of the above questions should become rote memory at the end of the first week.

3. Execute your resume. – Do your job.

  • Everyone boasts about their abilities on their resume.
  • I know I glance at the listings and make general assumptions about basic capabilities.
  • I am allowed to make assumptions about your abilities and capabilities by the fact you have made it this far through the reviewal process.
  • I am allowed to assume you know basics and if you are provided with the information locations, you can apply some of the knowledge you espoused on the resume submitted.