I live in a world where terms always have multiple meaning.  I think I am going to start titling my entries with these terms, as they arise.


Onboarding, today, means bringing on a new hire and conditioning them to be able to deliver value for their cost.  Cost is not to be defined as the funds given to them.  Cost includes the assistance it takes to complete the cycle.

I have noticed that folks who have historically consulted for a living are quicker at ‘picking up’ what is going on.

They are skilled at not asking a bunch of questions, but figuring out the basics, the enablers quickly and on their own with minimal support.

They push me to define the next layer of detail that will help them get to the next level, quickly.

Thus why I need to define the Design Review Board’s current incarnation:

  • All FTEs shall be members of the Design Review Board.
  • Lead anything is automatically a member.  [duh]
  • Every discipline shall be represented for a recognized review.
  • Current Membership:
  1. (3) FTEs
  2. Lead Visual Designer – acting
  3. Lead Interaction Designer – acting
  4. Lead Researcher – acting
  5. Scribe


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