Knowing Your Customer – Smart Way to Do It!

This weekend was my first anniversary.  My dear husband sent me flowers.  I tried to give him credit for choosing such a beautiful bouquet, but he deferred to the wonderful lady at the florist who has been putting them together for me for years.  20130628_225548

I have never met this woman; however, earlier this year, I needed to send some flowers for something, so I called them.  It was a situation where I needed to be sure that the flowers would be perfect and I knew they would do a good job.  While ordering the gift to be sent, we had a nice chat.  I told her how much I appreciated the arrangements that they put together for me and how much I appreciated their attention to detail.  I explained that if we had been married local, we would have had them do the flowers, but since we were out of state, that was out of the question.  She was smart.  She asked me about the wedding, especially the flowers and the colors.

I have received a few bouquets since then.  I noticed that the choices in each bouquet have changed significantly.  No longer am I receiving so many of the stock filler choices.  Now the flowers are ones I would choose myself.  This week’s bouquet for my anniversary was extraordinary.  Not only could you tell she had listened to what I had told her about the wedding flowers, but she noticed my taste in vases is a bit different than the ones historically sent.  I am thrilled!  The details made a difference.  She wrapped the vase in a green ribbon with a soft pink bow.  Those were our wedding colors.  My husband doesn’t remember, but this amazing florist remembered!  That’s the way to do it.  She paid attention while we were chatting and applied it to make the gifts even better.  Kudos!!

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