Tech Support

This has been one long week!

There is so much going on at work everyday that when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a computer.  Makes this whole attempt at blogging every single day tough.   Heck I had my forty in early this week, but that didn’t mean the work was done!  I need to fix that!

So what is the last possible thing I could need to do on a Friday night after a week like this one?   Tech support for my parents!  But I am not complaining.  It was like a light bulb went off while I was talking my father through his minor issue that the problem was between the keyboard and the chair.

To be fair, my father is elderly.  It isn’t like he is part of the generation that grew up on Nintendo.  My father is from the ‘tube’ generation where building your own heath kit television was a work of art and an inspiration for awe.  Computers were ‘work’ tools.  They did things like manufacture cars quicker and provide a consistent supply of utilities.  He knows how services work and understands filing.   The problem is he retired before computers were used for the mundane daily activities such as correspondence and filing.

It has only been in the last few years that he realized he didn’t have live under that mound of paper, that you could use the computer to store things too.  This is a blessing!  Gone are the days of writing the letter, printing it out, and then deleting the file.  The computer is more than a typewriter.  What a Godsend for me!

My Dad understood floppies.  Those were storage things you could use, rename and lock away for future reference if you ever needed it.  He actually likes the idea of the thumb drive and really appreciates them as gifts.  What he doesn’t realize is the price of storage has dropped drastically and that the volatility of the media has improved exponentially.  He doesn’t see the thumb drive in the same light as he does a floppy disk when in reality it would be better if he used the thumb drives.

The fact he understands how to change drives so that he can save things on a floppy disk is a plus.  Using this analogy we were able to overcome the problems he was having earlier today not being able to save things to the thumb drive.  I am terrified that the next time I go home I will find a billion copies of things he was trying to save on the thumb drive hidden all over the place on his hard drive.   But I am blessed that I will have the opportunity to find a billion copies of things on his hard drive and be able to help him.

I actually have an opportunity to solve my overworked problem and my father.  I could create a process manual for him to be able to do some of these things he wants to do and if I make it generic enough I could reuse it with my team.  If there are fewer things I have to do and there is guidance so I can delegate that task to someone else, I could solve my overwork problem.  Hmmm…..

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