Father’s Day Targets the Geek.

It was spotting the snapshot of Woz riding his way into the WWDC and reading the marketing, encouraging me to follow Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman on twitter that got me thinking about the beginning of Apple.

[The path would have been a whole lot straighter, for me, if I hadn’t become distracted by the twitter suggestion.  I was raised in the seventies.  I lived through the John Ehrlichman trial.]

I do not bleed apple, but I do have a lot of respect for what apple has done for the adoption of technology.   I am not a huge M$ fan either, but it is hard to argue with the market saturation of M$ adoption.  I am not a technology loyalist.  I choose the product that best suites my needs to complete a particular task.  Let the early-adopters fight this one out.  I need to be productive but I am not inflexible.   I pay attention to the technology rags and noticed that Father’s Day Week is devoted to nerds.

Apple wants to take over the mobile payment market.  (Brilliant timing!)  Give the geeks the weekend to think about what will be the content of the upcoming Apple WWDC.  (Friday, June 7)

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.  (Monday, June 10)

3E 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo  (Tuesday, June 11)

A marketer’s dream!  You have all of the children trying to find something for Dad, so why not saturate the airwaves with next generation technology you know they will need!  Happy Father’s Day.

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