Transaction Completed – Finally!

I am pleased.  I was able to get something fixed I have been trying to get fixed for 7 years!  That is a very, very long time.

I was able to log onto the new billing system and get my husband’s name changed on his line.  We are finally ported!  No longer will I be receiving calls from myself.  This is a huge success.

Quite frankly, this transaction actually started a long, long time ago.  My husband had a different provider.  He really liked his old phone.  The different provider began charging for maintaining the  backwards-compatible connection.  It was stupid to be paying that fee!  So I added him to my line at my carrier.  Yay.  We saved money.  BIG money.  Cut our costs in half.  This is a good thing.

Something went astray in that port low those many years ago.  Instead of porting into my provider with his name, his line was renamed to mine.  Okay, no big deal, one would think.  We would try to get it fixed, but every time we made a change it would revert to my name again.  The change never stuck.  This was okay, I knew how to get it masked.  Quite frankly, this was one of the things I thought about when we were thinking of changing  providers.  This was an opportunity to twiddle that bit or flip that switch to have it fixed, once and for all.

Tonight we successfully completed this transaction.  Patience is a virtue.

To be fair.  We probably could have finished the final steps earlier this week.  Guess what?  We have jobs.  We work forty plus hours every week, have family and friends, and this week is father’s day.   Probably my favorite Hallmark holiday!   These are the mundane things I had to take care of between beginning my port out of Yellow and into Magenta.  (Did I tell you I hate pink?)

Regardless, this transaction is finally complete.  So far, I am loving it!

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