Churned Customer Contact

Part of my rant yesterday was about how BofA could have kept me as a customer. Well, I was way too thoughtful to them. The only response I have heard from them is the reminder that my account balance was below $25. To which I say, ‘Duh!’  In our relationship, I continued to communicate with BofA, thinking someone, somewhere might care.  Wrong!
Sprint, on the other hand, has sent me a note asking me to provide my feedback. Now I know this isn’t much, but it is something. At least I have the opportunity to tell them what went into my decision.

The way I see it:
For over a year now, I have been less than pleased with the performance of my EVO Shift – HTC device. In my job, I am surrounded by technology. It is hard to miss. If you are missing it you aren’t paying attention and maybe you shouldn’t be there.   HTC had acknowledged a bug with my android version and their sense user interface and they had chosen not to fix it.  Fine and dandy.   HTC can be replaced.
I started looking around. I bought an ipad. I like the ipad. Made me at least consider an apple product in my arsenal of data processing tools. I was shopping for hardware.  I was already thinking about upgrading.  Not to be ‘bleeding edge’ but to consume the services that I am already purchasing.  Thanks to the amazing world of technology, this is an anticipated expense.

I remember being thrilled when Hesse took over at Sprint. I was pleased as punch that he was going to make a change. He did. There is no arguing with that fact. He made his mark.  The information systems are better. The tools available for the end-user consumer are marvelous. I appreciate you paying attention to the details that matter to the buyer.  However, it was the coupling of these tools and my domain knowledge that prompted my move. I was paying attention to the noise in the marketplace.

Hesse gave me the tools to analyze my purchase.  I watched as Sprint moved from paper-only to awesome end-user personalization.  The key being the end-user’s individual knowledge.  I liked being able to log in and look at what I wanted to look at, when I wanted to look at it.  I think the difference is I know what I am looking at.  Any service provider bill can be the most confusing thing in the world if you don’t know what you are looking for.  I have some tips on how to decipher the bill so that it matters and Hesse helped to simplify the system available to do the analysis.

I have some constraints when it comes to choosing a wireless service provider.  Sprint was the last of the big 3 that I would even consider.  I was seriously considering going prepaid.  Prepaid doesn’t have the stigma that it had not so long ago.  Some of us choose prepaid so we have more control over the spending.  I see it more as a frugal choice, as opposed to the loser choice that I used to associate with prepaid cards.  Guess the marketing from that product launch is still stuck in my head.

Along comes Legere.  I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan when it was first announced he was at the helm when T-Mobile went public.  I was resistant when I first saw the marketing.  The commercials with the cowboys actually turned me off.  But I follow a number of blogs about changes in the wireless industry, all utilities, actually.  I see wireless service as a utility in my life, because I can’t imagine life without it!

It was the perfect storm.  I hated my device.  Not the hardware, the firmware.  Sprint has provided me the tools to look at what I am getting for the money I am spending for the services I need.  Legere changed the game.  Now Hesse is providing me the opportunity to tell him how I feel.  Kudos to Sprint.  Too bad you waited until I churned, before you asked.

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