Tickled Pink – er. Magenta

We made the switch.  So far, I am pleased as punch.  This transaction has been frighteningly painless.  That does not mean we haven’t encountered hiccups along the way, but we are performing a rather complex series of changes before we will be completely migrated and the important pieces are going along better than I anticipated.

I am old enough to remember when the phone company owned everything.  You rented your phone from them and they were the only dealer in town.  Online wasn’t even a fantasy in the everyday life of an ordinary human being those days.  It continues to overwhelm me when I consider the transaction we are completing in a period of hours, with minimal inconveniences.   To me this whole thing of being able to walk into the store, pick out my device, pay for it, go home and use it is phenomenal!

My biggest complaint is the naming convention of my services plan.  Why in the world does the final consumer ever have to see something as unfriendly as my  ‘ NAC Value Family UNL T&T plan‘ when I am reviewing the information about my brand new account?  It isn’t like there is any grand-fathered information that needs to be tracked here.  My account should be a clean slate.  We just got here.

Please subscription, service providers of the world, simplify life.  Make the information available on a brand, new account end-user friendly.

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