Demographically Incorrect

We are demographically incorrect.

We know it.  We are proud of it!

While talking to my mother it hit me that this is the best descriptor of the family we have become.   It all lives in my head, in my hard drives, in the pictures yellowing in the ‘bear box’ in the bedroom.  On paper, it just doesn’t work, but it worked.  Articulating how we got from A to B might just help.

First step – define your terms.

Demography  is a great place to start.

First data point – dot – I am a member of Generation Jones.   Not really sure how much I care about that label.  But is as good of a demographic point, as any, to get started.

Here is the sad part, I began looking into exactly what ‘Generation Jones’ really meant because of an absolutely fascinating reference on a wikipedia page that needed a citation.   I found a decent citation, but I cannot find the original article, thus why the reference landed here.  ARGH.  Damn ADD!

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