Need a new job!

Breaking up with the bank has been an educational experience.  What I have learned is I am very good at identifying all of the steps and completing them successfully.  I guess my dot connecting skills are expanding to dotting i’s and even crossing t’s.

When we started the process, it seemed completely reasonable to me to set a deadline of less than 60 days to complete the transaction from inception to complete.  What I have learned is that is a ridiculously short timeline that could have been fraught with challenges.

What I did know when we truly started the process was to have all my ducks in a row.  I did the homework.  I knew the evaluation criteria every step of the way.  Yes, I did ask a lot of questions, but nothing I heard came as a complete surprise.  There were bonuses that we tripped over, but I am not stupid enough to think that happens all the time.

What I need now is a new job that will value my expanded skillset and appreciate everything I bring to the table.  It is time.

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